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Games for anxiety




In therapy this morning, my doc and I were talking about coping techniques, since I’ve been having higher levels of anxiety and more PTSD episodes recently. 

When I’m in that pre-anxiety stage—you know that part where you can feel the panic rising, but there’s still time to prevent a full on meltdown? When I’m at that stage, the best thing for me is repetitive, calm action that involves my hands and a little bit of my brain. A distraction.

Piano, meditation, coloring, needlework are all excellent, but not always practical. And sometimes I need something fast.

Best thing for me? Games. I thought I’d share my favorites.

Online—No thinking required

  • Not a game, but very soothing images along with calm music and guided meditations in short increments. Good place to start. (Free)
  • Orisinal Games: collection of simple in browser games with pretty graphics. Favorites for relaxing play are “The Crossing” and “Wings over Water”. (Free)
  • Music Catch 2:  Collect musical notes as they fall in time to instrumental music. Particularly good if you find rhythm to be calming. (Free)
  • Flower Reaction:  VERY simple game with nice music. (Free)
  • Fishing Girl:  Go fishing with cute graphics and soft music. (Free)

Online—Puzzle, a little thinking required

  • Loops of Zen:  Puzzle game with ambient music. (Free)
  • Auditorium:  Part puzzle, part just moving a mouse around, all with great music. (Free)
  • Machinarium: Amazing puzzle game in an immersive world. If you like Myst, Limbo etc, you will like this. One of my favorite games of all time. (Free demo)

Mobile games for when you’re out and need a distraction

  • Lyne (iPhone, Android):  Puzzle game. Trace lines with your fingers to solve—very soothing and takes a little concentration. Constantly updated with new puzzles. ($2.99)
  • Quell Reflect (iPhone, Android):  Move a silver ball through the puzzles to collect raindrops. Amazing soundtrack and sometimes quite challenging at higher levels. ($.99)

i’ve been playing flower reaction for like 15 minutes and it has really kept me feeling kind of calm. this is awesome resource, thank you

i’ve been meaning to reblog this again to share w/ some people and someone just reminded me.


gimme a fandom and i’ll list 5 crossovers/AUs i wanna read for it


you better czechoslovakia before you wreckyoslovkia